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Number TTS-2042 Price
Vessel type Bulk carrier  General Cargo Ship Capacity 4147T
Characteristic Steel Built place/date China / 2005
Class / Flag / Kiribati Navigation area Coastal
Speed(kn)/Endurance(n miles) 10 / Crew

Tonnage & Dimensions

Gross tonnage L.O.A / L.B.P (m) 87 / 79.95
Net tonnage Beam molded (m) 13.8
D.W.C.C (T) 4147 Depth molded (m) 7.35
D.W.T (T) Design draft (m)
Full / light load displacement (T) 5289.7 / Light / Full draft (m) / 5.95


Main engine G6300ZC18B(Ningbo C.S.I.) Power / Speed 1323 (kw)= 1799 (hp) / 550 (r/min)
Fuel consumption (g/kw.h) Gear box
Generator sets 126kw x 1500r/min x 2Sets, 53kw x 1500r/min x 1 Set, 40kw x 1500r/min x 1Set(port duty)
Auxiliary Engine 90kw x 1500r/min x 2Sets, 50kw x 1500r/min x 1 Set, 30kw x 1500r/min x 1Set(port duty)
Propeller / Bow thruster /


Cargo hold Capacity (m3) / Hatch cover type / Boiler/Quantity/Capacity / /
Cargo hold quantity / Hatch opening 2 / Pump/Quantity/Capacity / /
F.O. / F.W. Tank (m3) / 137.68 Crane
Navigation Equipment

Light ship weight 1141.93T

Ballast tank 1044.44m3

Fuel oil tank 172.66m3



The above data is extracted from the certifications of inspection or/and from the instruction for construction. Wide Water Way takes no responsibility upon it's reliability.

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